Welcome to Roots N Wings of Woodside by Kubo Montessori LLC. We are glad that you are planning to enroll for the upcoming school year. We understand that the cost of child care is a major expense for families. Although the policies are stated on the enrollment contract, clarification helps to prevent confusion.


Roots N Wings Montessori School is a year round school. Once you enroll, we assume that you will remain enrolled until withdrawal or your child is ready to move to their next school. The school is periodically closed for holidays, work days and two weeks in the summer. The monthly tuition covers these days. Unfortunately, we can not offer reduced tuition for families that wish to take vacations or family trips that are a month or longer in duration. We post school calendar a year in advance for you to plan the family vacations.

●  Upon enrolling, each family will pay an enrollment deposit equivalent to one month’s tuition. This is updated annually to reflect any tuition increases or program changes.

●  Children need to be picked up at the end of their program. After 15 minutes an initial late fee of $25 is assessed with additional fees of $1 per minute.

●  Tuition is due on the 1st of the month and will be considered late if received after the 5th of the month. The following late fees will be applied to late tuition. Tuition received between the 5th and 15th - $100
Tuition received between the 16th and 31st - $250

●  Unpaid invoices for late fees, field trips, etc. will be assessed a $25 fee for every 30 days that they remain unpaid after the due date.

●  If the Authorized Representative has an unpaid balance in excess of 1.5 times the monthly tuition for ten days the Child may be withdrawn from the Center.

Our goal in creating strict financial policies is to ensure the timely payment of tuition. We utilize a bill paying system that facilitates automatic payments.

Please contact the school directly to obtain the tuition rate for your child's expecting starting time.