About Team

Roots N Wings of Woodside by Kubo Montessori thrives using a combination of credentialed Montessori teachers and professional early childhood educators. Our strong administrative leadership determines, alongside the extremely qualified faculty the curriculum of the school and oversees admissions and operations.


Ms. Mary Nokom

Exective Director

Ms. Mary have been a teacher since 1996, inspired into the profession during her college years while doing outreach programs tutoring less fortunate children in South East Asia.  She began her teaching career with Jean Piaget Approach with a focus on experiential activities and core curriculum. She felt that she needed more education to be able to learn the child’s specific needs as they discover  themselves and the world. She went back to school and began her Masters in Special Education. Eventually, she became a Special Education teacher to children with special needs. She took her Montessori Teacher Training year 2000 (American Montessori Society 2002) in the Bay Area to be able help mainstream special children in a regular classroom set up. She has Montessori credential both in AMS Early Childhood and AMI certificate on Elderly and Dementia. She fell in love with the Montessori Philosophy and made a conscious mission to be of service to all children and their families. She continued her studies and completed more ECE and Administration units both from Canada College and Cal State Hayward.

Ms. Mary opened her home to families of Foster City and San Mateo year 2006.  She continued serving more families and extended her classroom to 3 locations.  We have Hillsdale location, Norfolk location and now Redwood City.

She has two boys of her own who are 13 and 9 years old.  Both were Montessori children themselves and attended Public Montessori schools.

Ms. Jing Cai

Onsite Directer

Ms. Jing Cai is our onsite director.  She has her Program Director certificate from California teacher credentialing.  She is a seasoned center-based preschool director who lead 2 successful schools in the Peninsula.  Ms. Jing owns a master degree in Early Childhood Education from San Francisco State University. Her Journalism and Marketing double bachelor degrees were completed in China. Montessori method inspired her to be working in a classroom and actively participate in understanding the nature of the child.

She strongly believes that early childhood stage is a critical time to cultivate narrative inquiry and problem solving skills for young which leads to later academic success. She has actively participated in both national and international early childhood education conferences such as NAEYC annual conference in the United States and International Forum on PAT Family Education in China. 


Ms. Marge


Ms. Marge has started her journey in Early Childhood Education in 2018. She currently study toward Psychology and Early Childhood Education, as well as Montessori Education Diploma. She is fascinated by child development, ever since my, now almost 5 year old son has been diagnosed and received treatment for speech delay. Her goal is to observe and guide children through meaningful conversations, foster their sense of independence and guide them through their development stages so they can become self-aware, kind and confident members of any community.

Mr. Roi


Mr. Roi started working with children when he volunteered at a Summer Kindergarten Program back in the Philippines. He finished his high school there, and was able to take up two years of college in Computer Science. After moving to the US, he finished basic electrical training from a government program called Job Corps. He then attempted to be part of the US Army and was in it for a year only. After leaving the service, he was hired by a substitute agency for preschools. He really enjoyed working with children again, and found his passion in guiding the young children. After a year working with different schools through the agency, he was hired by Roots n Wings Montessori school. He has been working at the school for 6 years now, learning and training while working. He is currently working on getting his Montessori Certification. He is also a Sunday school teacher for his church for over 5 years now. He is really passionate on teaching and guiding the children, not only in their academics but also in their social and moral behavior.


Ms. Candy


Ms. Candy After receiving her ECE units from San Mateo College of ECE, Ms. Candy became a substitute preschool teacher. She worked in many schools on the peninsula. She even was a substitute at RW. When the former owner was ready to hire she contacted me and that’s how she came to RW. She is in her fifth year at RW. She has her Montessori Fundamentals certificate and positive discipline. What she finds most valuable are the 29 years of classroom experience as a volunteer throughout her children’s education and that of her extended family.


Ms. Cherry


Ms. Cherry is born in the Philippines and has 3 siblings. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. She became a flight attendant, restaurateur and businesswoman in the Philippines.

As a single mom she found herself struggling with teaching her son; seeing the importance of learning the techniques on how to provide the optimum development for her son. Hence, she enrolled herself to Montessori teaching school wherein she finished her Montessori Early Childhood credentials and Montessori Infant and Toddler credentials. On her first year of teaching she fell in love with teaching and sees the rewards of being part of providing cognitive and emotional development to a child. With that said integration of all those extensive education she plans to integrate it with her teaching strategies so she could provide quality education also to special children. She has been teaching for 4 years from 1 year to 6 years of age and she’s loving every day of it.