About Roots N Wings of Woodside by Kubo Montessori


Children are naturally eager to learn. Kubo Montessori in the Peninsula offers a child-centered educational approach. Montessori education aims to develop the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills of children. Through our education program, they will learn to discover and understand new concepts and the world around them.


Roots N Wings Montessori under the new management of Kubo Montessori LLC is dedicated to provide a rich nurturing prepared montessori environment guided by American Montessori Society code of ethics.  Our mission vision is to Roots N Wings is a Montessori school designed to serve children from 3-6 years old. We maintain an open enrollment process.  We follow a year long program to maintain and keep their academic absorption. The school offers several different programs designed to accommodate the needs of the child and family. We offer morning only,  lunch, afternoon session, Kindergarten Montessori aftercare and full day programs. All programs are available for either four or five days.

All programs focus on developing independence, choices and academic abilities. We offer a full day Montessori program. Children that remain throughout the day will have time to rest, snack or to play outside. They can explore many learning activities in the classroom, read books or complete age level appropriate worksheets to prepare them for regular type of schooling.

We offer a child directed learning program that is carefully balanced with the trained observations of a teacher and individual or small group lessons. Your child will have the freedom to choose the work that both interests and motivates them to learn in a safe and secure environment.  We follow the child’s pace and can work with advance Montessori materials if the child asks for it or can give the child the opportunity to challenge himself. There is no pressure to work more than what the child needs and aspire.

We are easily accessible from 280 and Woodside Rd. The school is located on the property of Redwood Baptist church. The Montessori program is non-denominational and welcomes families of all faiths or beliefs. We invite you to visit our school and others to make the best decision for your family.  See map for additional details.

We can not accommodate all requests for tours.  Please email us directly so we can put your name on the next open slot for showings.


Roots N Wings Montessori is dedicated to providing a secure and respectful environment for children that allows each child to make individual choices socially, academically and

Roots N Wings Montessori School has been voted the Best in Business in Redwood City for 3 years running!